Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.

Buffy's Gallery

Set in a spectacular 17thC barn on the banks of the Llangollen Canal, this hidden gem houses a stunning collection of Buffy Robinson's work spanning 50 years.

"The Gallery has no set opening times  but my policy is to open when the sun shines - and when I feel like it!   The entrance is directly off the towpath so it is popular with boaters and walkers (on the Sandstone Trail) as well as visitors who can email me for a special appointment"

This is a Gallery where you can buy her work and also a working studio where visitors can see Batik in progress and have the mysteries of the process explained by Buffy herself.
The '50 Years of Batik' Exhibition displays a collection of work which is catalogued in chronological order and takes you on a visual journey of the work of the artist

The wax in the fabric makes the Batiks translucent. When they are lit from behind the colours have the rich vibrancy of stained glass.
The framed Batik originals come back-lit with low voltage LED lights powered by a 12v plug top transformer

The hand-made lampshades make a superb display

There is a selection of unframed originals which Buffy can get framed and backlit for you
and a range of greetings cards, A3 and A4 signed giclee prints, 7x5 mounted signed prints, bookmarks and paperweights, all reproductions of Buffy's original work
My much missed collie 'Charlie' as a pup outside the Gallery

"The Gallery is not normally open to the public but if you would like to make an appointment to meet me and see my work, just email to arrange a time to visit and I would be happy to show you round."

"I'd love to hear from anyone who has bought work from me in the past.  Some of the original Batiks which are sold still feel like old friends and still appear in my range of cards and giftware.  It would be great to hear where they ended up!  Why not email and let me know?"

You could also make a day of it - it's not always this cold!
 Not only are there lovely canalside walks including the famous Grindley Brook staircase locks but you can pop across to the Horse & Jockey pub for a good pint afterwards!

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  1. Superb workmanship - some of the most detailed and fine batiks I have ever seen; this craft has been taken to the next level by Ms.Robinson giving it a thorough upgrade with her unique time honed skills. A true artist is measured by the time and effort they put in their work and Buffy's work takes a lot of time and incredible effort something you'll never appreciate unless you try the batik method of painstaking layering and waiting. Beautiful. The Rolls and Royce of batik art here in Britain which can compare very favourably with anything around the world.