Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.


New Exhibition now showing in my Gallery
The original Batik Painting'Iris & Dragonflies'
Framed and mounted and back-lit (607mm x 407mm inc.frame) SOLD for £395

It shows not only my love of all things Art Nouveau but also the journey I have been on in the last 50 years.  In the Exhibition there are many examples of my earliest work hung alongside some of my latest.

 My first ever back-lit Batik, done when I was 15 is of an Iris (one of my favourite flowers) and next to it is a very early piece, done when I was17 of a Dragonfly, showing that both Irises and Dragonflies have been a constant inspiration for me.


  1. I was looking for some inspiration to plan the Christmas party in an event space Chicago near Adler Planetarium, and you just gave me couple of great ideas. You are truly a wonderful artist. Enjoy the holiday season!

  2. Just followed you on twitter (CelticAthena) - love and agree with all your hash tags - I am even a border collie aficionado - your Batik is stunning must pop to Whitchurch to see it - I am a watercolourist