Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.

'Cat in the Moonlight' lampshade

'Cat in the Moonlight' has always been my best-selling design and yet in all these years I have never been asked to make a 'Cat in the Moonlight' lampshade until now.

Although very intricate and time-consuming, I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed  this commission.

In order to make the design work, I have adapted the original drawing slightly, putting the cat and moon on one panel and the church on another.

The village with its cottages, some with lit-up windows and a back-drop of fields and sheep, continues all around the shade.

My customer's coming to pick it up next week and I won't want to let it go.  I LOVE it!

It all took a ridiculous number of hours (best if I don't start adding them up) so this may well be a one-off!

'Irises & Dragonflies' Lampshade

The Art Nouveau Iris & Dragonflies design, which I originally did as a framed backlit picture, is now adapted to work on a lampshade.

The design covers the three panels at the front of the shade.  The other three at the back are marbled with the distinctive 'Batik' crackle in blues and greens.

The crackle effect gives the feeling of movement in the water and is used to give detail to the dragonflies' wings.

The irises and foliage in the 'whiplash' Art Nouveau style, create natural borders each side of the 'Dragonflies' centrepiece.

This 'Irises & Dragonflies' lampshade(10"dia x 8"tall) is For Sale in my Gallery for £250

'Swallows & Clouds' lampshade

I've just finished this lampshade, a new design which I did recently for a commission and liked so much, I've made one to display in the Gallery

Swallows have always been my favourite bird.  I love the beautiful shapes they make as they dive and soar through the air.  They are so free and look like they're having such a great time!

This 'Swallows & Clouds' lampshade is 10"dia x 8"tall and FOR SALE in the Gallery for £150


2016 marks a milestone for me.  I have now been doing Batik for 50 years!
I did my first ever Batik when I was 14 and amazingly (thanks to a doting mum) the piece of work has survived. It is displayed  with several other of my early pieces, alongside my latest work,  in my canalside Gallery in Shropshire

The '50 Years of Batik' Exhibition displays a span of work, catalogued in chronological order, which takes you on a visual journey of Batik Artist
Buffy Robinson

You are welcome to visit my studio and Gallery which is open by appointment.  Just email me to arrange a time and I will be very happy to show you round


New Exhibition now showing in my Gallery
The original Batik Painting'Iris & Dragonflies'
Framed and mounted and back-lit (607mm x 407mm inc.frame) SOLD for £395

It shows not only my love of all things Art Nouveau but also the journey I have been on in the last 50 years.  In the Exhibition there are many examples of my earliest work hung alongside some of my latest.

 My first ever back-lit Batik, done when I was 15 is of an Iris (one of my favourite flowers) and next to it is a very early piece, done when I was17 of a Dragonfly, showing that both Irises and Dragonflies have been a constant inspiration for me.

Whalley Arches

Whalley Arches, the longest brick viaduct in Lancashire and the view from my house when I lived in Whalley. It's span of 48 arches crosses the river Calder and the railway carries the  Ribble Valley Line to Clitheroe and beyond.

I found the drawing while I was looking for something else and felt inspired to Batik a new picture - a real bit of nostalgia for me.  I originally photographed the double header crossing the viaduct way back in the 80s.

The original Batik Painting 'Whalley Arches' is framed, mounted and back-lit (509mm x 406mm inc.frame) and is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £395 If you are interested in buying it email me and I will be happy to quote p&p


I seem determined to challenge myself with stripes this year, working on these Tigers as well as my Zebra lampshade

This single 'Tiger' (21"x18" inc. frame) is framed, mounted and back-lit and FOR SALE in my Gallery for £295

I had great fun with these 'Tigers in the Jungle' with apologies to Rousseau, my inspiration and one of my favourite artists.

This large piece of work (46"x21") is beautifully framed, mounted and back-lit and FOR SALE in my Gallery for £650

If you are interested in buying it email me and I will be happy to quote p&p

Zebras Lampshade

This 'Zebras' lampshade will be centre stage at my Exhibition '50 Years of Batik' running in the Gallery throughout August.

It was quite a challenge and took a great deal of concentration waxing in all those zebra stripes.

The finished lampshade 12" diameter x 8" high is now SOLD in the Gallery for £350 (shade only).