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Butterfly Lampshade

This lampshade took me a bit longer than I meant it too!  I was commissioned to make it by a good friend as a present for his five year old daughter, to go in her bedroom in their new house.  The brief was 'pink flowers and butterflies' and that's just what she got.  I got a bit carried away with the number of butterflies but it was a great fun project!

After waxing the cracked white sky around the butterflies and flowers, the butterfly shapes were left as silhouettes and I was able to treat each one as a separate 'mini' Batik, so each butterfly had its own individual colour sequence.  The bottom half was dyed as a whole with a total of 5 colours from pink, through blue, green and violet to black.

.....and here it is in situ.

Lets hope it gives her childish pleasure for years and she passes it on to her own daughter like my children have with their nursery lampshades.