Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.

Cat in the Daisies

'Cat in the Daisies' has been in my greetings card range for several years and is still a very popular one.  Here I have played around with the wax and dyes, dying on the back of the cloth as well as the front, to get the colours and texture in the sky.

The original Batik is SOLD but the 'Cat in the Daisies' design is still available in cards, prints, paperweights and gift tags, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

Hunting Scene

This matching pair of 'Hunting Scene' lampshades are definitely a one-off!  They took over two weeks to complete and were ridiculously complicated, so much so that I swore I would not be doing repeats in the future!  They are 10"high x10"diameter and FOR SALE in my Gallery for £250 each or £495 for the pair.

On each lampshade the horses and hounds charge furiously around, one clockwise, the other anticlockwise to make a mirrored pair.

The master of hounds blows his horn, while the wily fox watches in safety from the hedge!

It's a chaotic, lively scene, full of mishaps ....

.... but luckily not for the fox!

If you would like to buy either one of these hand made 'Hunting Scene' original Batik lampshades or the pair just send me an email.


Living beside a canal, I do sometimes see these elusive birds for fleeting moments.  I've so often tried to photograph them but end up with a frame full of vegetation and no kingfisher so  I thought I'd paint them instead!  In this painting I have waxed the white cloth for the sky using a brush and dyed the back with blue to pick up the detail.  For the water I have heavily cracked the wax to let the darker blues and greens in, giving that marbled effect so characteristic of Batik.

This original Batik 'Kingfishers' is SOLD but you can buy this image in bookmarks paperweights and gift tags, click here for prices and email your order to me.

Tuscan Hills

I designed this lampshade in my head while riding a bicycle!  I was on a cycling holiday last autumn with my sister and her family in the Tuscan Hills around Sienna.  The scenery all around us was truly beautiful and the colours were spectacular

We stopped for lunch in this hill top village.  It was quite a climb!

One day we had our picnic lunch in an olive grove and watched wild boar grubbing about in the next door field.

I love the way the cypress trees which line the country roads wind through the vineyards and off into the distance.

The colours were amazing, the famous red brown Tuscan earth contrasting with the pale grey/green of the olive trees, the bright green of the vines and the dark bottle green of the cypress trees.  The distant hills were a hazy smokey grey.

The resulting hand made Batik 'Tuscan Hills' lampshade, (10" tall x 10"diameter) is FOR SALE in my Gallery for £195.  If you would like to buy it, send me an email.


Burano, an island in the Venetian lagoon is famous for its lace making.  The small canalside houses are brightly painted in seaside colours and every street has shops full of hand-made lace.  The day my mum and I visited was the morning after the 'aqua alta'  (high water) and the men were sweeping water out of their houses and bailing out their boats.

All the pavements were ankle deep and the reflections were amazing.  It was hard to see where the buildings stopped and the water began.

This little original Batik 'Burano' (19"x15"inc frame) SOLD at the Summer Exhibition Preview in the Gallery, framed with a light-box for £250

Autumn Sheep

'Autumn Sheep' was one of the very earliest of my  lampshade designs and  I am still being asked for them today, the autumn colours going so well in many interior schemes.  The drystone wall runs around the bottom and the scene changes all the way round.

An 'Autumn Sheep' original Batik lampshade (8"high x10"dia) just like this one, is FOR SALE  in the Gallery for  £150.  If you are interested in buying the 'Autumn Sheep' lampshade, send me an email.


I cracked the wax of the background before each colour was dyed.  Then I worked the various colours into the cracks to give the marbled texture.

The framed original Batik of 'Amaryllis' ( 18"x15"inc frame) is FOR SALE in my Gallery for £150.  If you are interested in buying it or want to discuss a commission, email me.

The design is available in paperweights, click here for prices and postage and then email me with your order.

Venice with Poles

The candy striped mooring poles are a real feature of the canals of Venice.

Although this 'Venice with Poles' original Batik is SOLD, I am often working on Venetian views (quite obsessively some would say!) and have several smaller studies  FOR SALE in the Gallery, including a small similar study from this design.  Just click on Venice in the list of categories on the right to see all my latest work.

Fireside Tabby

The original Batik 'Fireside Tabby' is now SOLD.

Recently, I adapted the design for a lampshade which gives a lovely warm light.

This 'Fireside Tabby' lampshade (7"high x 8"diameter) was SOLD on exhibition at the Willow Gallery, Oswestry  for £195.  If you would like to commission one like it, just send me an email.

Venice Sunset

I did this painting in 1992, just after returning from my first magical visit to Venice.  I always am trying to free up my style and be braver, so with only a bare pencil sketch on the cloth of the shape of the lamp and the church, I set about boldly laying on the hot liquid wax!  I worked with a 1"paintbrush - much wider than I was used to, letting the hot wax penetrate right through the cloth for the bright sunset and laying it on cooler for the shaded areas.  I had to work the liquid wax all around and in between the lamp itself, as the lamp would be what was left unwaxed at the end.  I then dyed colours both on the front and then on the back, where the wax hadn't penetrated, to get the shaded effect in the sky and the water.

I had taken a photograph of the sun setting behind the San Salute church and I waited for it to shine directly through the windows of the dome.  I gave the original Batik as a memento to my mother who had been on the trip with me and she had it back-lit in her hall till she died.  I now have it in my house and its soft gentle light is perfect as a night light.

Venice Sunset is available to buy in cards, paperweights, prints and gift tags, click here for prices.  Many people buy the card as a sympathy card because of its peaceful atmosphere.  If you would like  some, just email your order to me.

Canal Collie

This is a portrait of my old collie Joe in his prime - now gone but not forgotten, especially here at the Grindley Brook Locks on the Llangollen Canal.  He was a real canal character!  In his distinctive red and white spotty scarf, he would 'work' the locks all day, getting people to throw sticks, balls, even blades of grass for him to return.  He'd come in for his tea at 6 when he would have his scarf taken off,  a sign he had finished 'work' for the day.   He was a great hit with the kids on holiday on hire boats.  He could teach people the rules of his games in any language and once he even had a postcard from a little girl in Sweden addressed to 'Joe the Canal Dog, Grindley Brook Locks' and the postman brought it straight here!

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik 'Canal Collie' is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £250
If you would like to buy it, send me an email. 

I do have a few Canal Collie cards left for sale if you would like them, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

Sheep in the Snow

I had good fun with this one, making it as cold looking as I possibly could with the greys and blues.  I used a wide brush to lay the wax on in large blobs for the lumpy texture of the snow, letting each brushful cool before laying down the next one.  This let  fine lines of dye seep into the cracks between the brushstrokes.  I then dyed the cloth on the back with a cool mid-grey to pick up detail where the melted wax hadn't penetrated to give a shading effect.  The snow has just the look and feel I was after.

The original Batik 'Sheep in the Snow' is SOLD but the design is available in my range of Christmas cards, also in paperweights, prints and gift tags, click here for prices, and if you would like to buy any just email me with your order.

Blue Tit

For all my bird and flower paintings I always use very fine Egyptian cotton.  It's smooth and beautiful to work on and I can get the delicate fine detail I want in the cracks.

In warm weather while I am working on a piece, I put it in the freezer between dyeings so that I can get the crisp fine cracks in the wax that I want for the texture of the background.  It is not unknown for me to come down from a hard day in the studio, open the freezer to choose something for tea and find a very cold stiff piece of waxy Batik still in there!

Although this little 'Blue Tit' original is now SOLDhe does feature in this paperweight and 6x4 cards which you can buy, click here for prices, and if you would like one, email me with your order.

This original Batik painting 'Blue Tit on a Coconut' is now SOLD.  If you are interested in commissioning one like it, email me.

Sheep in the Dales

This is one of my all time favourite sheep paintings.  It is of a view in Arncliffe in Littondale where my mother lived for thirty years and where I and my children spent many happy times.  For the five years my mother was ill until her death, I spent a lot more time in Arncliffe than I did at home and part of my heart is still there.  I made some true friends in the village and to one of those who helped me through good times and bad, I gave this original Batik.  I still visit her regularly and we often walk our dogs up this lane - which is usually sheep-free!

The Sheep in the Dales image is available to buy in signed prints and paperweights, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

The Village Blacksmith

He is indeed standing 'under the spreading chestnut tree'.  Here I have used the Batik 'crackle' effect to give texture and age to the old flagstones and the old oak timbers of the barn.

The original Batik was bought by the landlord of my local at The Blue Bell at Tushingham.  The painting hangs back-lit above the fireplace in the bar of this ancient Cheshire pub.

The image is however still available to buy as cards, paperweights, prints and gift tags, click here for prices and then email me your order.

Narrowboat with Cat

This large original Batik 'Narrowboat with Cat'now SOLD, was created for my greetings card range.  Sadly, I have no more cards left but the image is still available as signed prints, and paperweights, click here for prices then email your order to me.

Ribblehead Viaduct

The Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle Carlisle railway crosses one hundred feet above the spectacular North Yorkshire countryside.  As the steam train passes overhead, life goes on as normal for the Dales sheep farmer.

This large 'Ribblehead Viaduct' original Batik has been SOLD but the image is available to buy as a boxed paperweight or a signed print - excellent presents for that steam-obsessed man in your life!  If you would like to buy one, click here for prices and then email me with your order.

Cat in the Runner Beans

Another popular greetings card title, this smiley cat has popped over the wall, amongst the runner beans.

The original Batik is framed, back lit (46mm x 58mm inc frame)  and FOR SALE in my gallery for £250.  If you would like to buy the original, email me.

The image is also available in cards and paperweights, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

Riverside in Spring

This is the River Ribble at Sawley in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire where I lived for over 20 years.  It was where I got the inspiration for my early Batik paintings of sheep and drystone walls, for which I was so well known.  It rains a lot in Lancashire (one of the main reasons for my move to sunny Shropshire!) but that of course gives you these many greens in the landscape.  Lancashire's not all satanic mills you know!

I recently made this 'Riverside in Spring' lampshade (10"high x 10" dia) which shows the bridge and the Spread Eagle pub at Sawley.  It is now SOLD, but I could make you one like it.  Prices for this design start at  £195.

Batik is best lit from behind because of the translucent qualities of the wax-impregnated cloth.  Lampshades are a perfect and simple way of displaying my work.  The colours have a wonderful depth to them and you have a work of art that's useful too!  If you are interested in buying this, or any other of my hand-made Batik lampshades, email me.

Canal Cat

I live on the banks of the Llangollen Canal in Shropshire.  This view is of a typical Llangollen Canal lift bridge with a narrowboat approaching it.  Someone has obviously gone ahead to haul on the chains to lift the bridge for the boat to pass through.  The buckby can you might recognise as my own and the cat, oblivious of all going on around him, lazes in the summer sunshine.

The original Batik 'Canal Cat' is mounted and framed (22"x19"inc frame) and is FOR SALE in my Gallery for £150.  For a light-box made specially for it, add another £50.  If you are interested in buying the 'Canal Cat' original, email me.

Sailing Barges

In the early 70's I lived for a short time on an old Thames Sailing barge.  Our barge, called 'Surrey' had no sails any more and had been converted into a houseboat and was moored in a creek on the Medway.  It one won races in its day and was described in a book about Sailing Barges as 'the fastest bit of wood on the Medway'!

When they are in full sail they are truly beautiful and were the workhorses of the Thames and Medway.  

Framed and back-lit, (47mm x 55mm inc frame) this original Batik 'Sailing Barges' is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £295
If you would like to buy it, send me an email. 

Ducks on the River

Ducks on the River has always been a great favourite in my greeting card range.  I love the combination of blues and greens which always reminds me of a book I was read to in childhood with illustrations of the song 'Green Grow the Rushes O'.

The original Batik, which featured in the 1992 Calendar & Diary for Marks & Spencer, is mounted and framed with its own light-box, and is FOR SALE (46mm x 57mm inc frame) in my Gallery for £350.  If you would like to buy it, send me an email.

The Ducks on the River design is available in cards, paperweights, bookmarks and gift-tags.  If you would like to buy any, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

Sheep with Tractor

When I was a child we spent our summer holidays on a farm and I used to ride on this old Fergie  tractor - no Health & Safety in those days!  In this painting I have had great fun  building my drystone walls, one blob of hot wax for each stone.  When I first started selling my work commercially in the 80s, it was my sheepscapes for which I became best known - that was before the demand for cats took over!

The original Batik of 'Sheep with Tractor' was SOLD many years ago but I have a full range of products featuring it for sale.  If you would like to buy any, click here for prices and then email me with your order.

Terraced Row

When I was married our first house was a 2 up 2 down terraced house in Lancashire which we bought for the magnificent sum of £650 including the furniture!  Every house in the street had its own characters and real life was lived within.   In this lampshade I have tried to capture the atmosphere of life in a terrace with each panel depicting a different house.

This intricate original Batik lampshade 'Terraced Row'(10" tall x 10"diameter)is now SOLD

Cat on the Doorstep & Cat at the Window

These two cats were designs for my greetings card range and have been favourites for years.  They are still available throughout my product range.  If you would like to buy some, click here for prices and then email me with your order.

One of my most popular lampshades 'Cat on the Doorstep' (7"high x 8"diameter) is currently FOR SALE in the Gallery for £150.  Let me know by email if you would like to buy it and ask for a quote for p&p if you would like it posted to you.