Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.

Art Nouveau Panel

I'm working towards making a new lampshade based on this Art Nouveau design.  These colours are a combination I haven't used before, so I did this little panel as a try-out.  To get the terracotta brown, I put bright orange dye on top of the blue/grey and it worked!

I absolutely love Art Nouveau especially the flowing whiplash lines of the early designs.  This design I have adapted, is from a brass jug I have which was made by J Sankey in the early 1900s.  I collect anything I can afford of the period and if each piece I buy inspires me to do some new work, then I can sell it and buy more original Art Nouveau! That's the plan anyway!

I really liked the rough border where I had been testing the colours while I was working, so I decided to mount ithe finished original onto a white cotton background and frame it complete.  The 'Art Nouveau Panel' is FOR SALE in my Gallery (16"x12 inc frame) for £125.  Let me know by email if you are interested in buying it, or would like to commission a lampshade featuring the design.


With winter fast approaching and rain coming down by the bucket load, I seem drawn (maybe not so surprisingly) towards doing designs of spring flowers!  I must be in denial about the winter thing!

This is a detail taken from my latest piece of work, another lampshade, this time Snowdrops. To get them to appear to be nodding in the wind, I've used textured brush work in the waxing for the background, laying the wax on one brush full at a time and letting the wax cool before putting another brush full down.  I have worked the dark green dye into the tiny gaps where one brush full meets the next creating a lively, busy, 'moving' texture as a backdrop to the snowdrops.

The finished lampshade (8" tall x 8"diameter) is now SOLD.
Amazingly the sun came out so I photographed it in the garden - although it should be in the snow really ....

.....and here it is lit up.
Let me know if you would like to commission a little Snowdrops framed original or lampshade.  I would be happy to discuss sizes, prices and timing, just email.


Inspired by an Arts & Crafts jug I recently bought, I have just finished this 'Tulips' design lampshade.  I love everything about the whole Art & Crafts/Art Nouveau style with its flowing shapes and natural forms.

William Morris said it all when he said "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"  The lampshades when lit are of course both useful and I hope, believed beautiful.  When lit, they show the Batik work at its best and should be valued as a work of art just as a framed painting would be.

This is what a lampshade design looks like before it is put on the lampshade frame.  The actual work is quite big - over 32' wide and takes about a week to complete!

The design on the jug which I adapted for the lampshade is typical of the Arts & Crafts style.

The finished 'Tulips' lampshade (10"tall x10"diameter) is now SOLD in my Gallery for £150 (shade only).  If you are interested in commissioning a handmade Batik lampshade of this design to be made for you, just send me an email.

I made a small study of the 'Tulip' design (13" x 11" inc frame), so I could work out the colours before embarking on the lampshade.

'Tulip' is framed and FOR SALE in the Gallery for £75.  A  custom-made light-box could be made for it for an additional £45

Horsedrawn Narrowboat

One of a series of canal scenes, a very early work, this shows a horsedrawn boat passing one powered with an engine.  I used to live near, and had a narrowboat on the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.  The cobbled towpath and old mill with its factory chimney is typical of the canalside architecture.  The beautiful s-shaped bridge is a change-over bridge, designed for when the towpath changes sides.  The horse is able walk over with the rope still attached saving the old boatmen time (and money!).

The original Batik has long since been sold but if you would like to commission a 'canal' original - maybe of your own boat - email me and we can discuss it.

Village Church

A typical English village with its half timbered houses and stone church, this is Pinner in Middlesex.

The original Batik is sold but I have 6x4 cards, prints and paperweights available for sale if you are interested.  Click here for prices and product info and then just email me with your order.

English Village Life

My idea of a perfect English Village (the village green and the cricket pitch are next to the pub beside the church!)

The original Batik 'In an English Village' is SOLD

This is another typically English scene, an idyllic country pub 'The Kings Arms' in Cartmel, Cumbria.  To the left is the ancient Cartmel Priory.  I quite fancy a beer, sitting outside in the sun, with the ducks pecking around at my feet.

This original Batik painting 'The Kings Arms' is framed and FOR SALE in the Gallery for £325.  (If you would like a custom-made light-box for it, it would cost another £50)

Suckling Lamb

This little Batik original sheep study is SOLD but if you would like to commission one like it, email me and we can discuss size, price, timing etc

French Farmhouse

The technique I have developed of dyeing the front, then separately the back of the cloth with a darker colour, gives me the shading of the stonework on this crumbling old French house.  I put only a thin coat of wax on each stone, so when I screw the cloth up the wax on the stones creases rather than cracks which gives that aged look.

This large (26"x22") unframed piece  SOLD at the Summer Exhibition Preview in the Gallery in my Gallery for £450 (which includes framing and a custom-made light-box).

Venice Reflections

This, one in a series of small Venice studies, sees me once again working on reflections in water which have intrigued me all my Batiking life.  The water is defined by the shapes, almost a mirror image of what's above, but with that lovely watery liquid shimmer to the edges.  As I work with liquid wax, I try to float it on quickly to give the natural liquid shapes when it cools.  It's very difficult!

This original Batik is SOLD but I have done many other similar small Venetian studies, just click on 'Venice' in the list of categories on the right of the page to see them.

Swans on the Lake

Set on the lake with Hillsborough Castle in the background, this is a study not only of the swans but also the light and reflections on the water.  Reflections are so hard to achieve, so difficult not to overdo them when you're first waxing on the white cloth.  I always have to have an image in my mind of the finished work before I start!

This original Batik is SOLD but you can buy the Swans on the Lake image in prints and paperweights.  If you are interested, click here for prices and product info, and then email your order to me.

I have since done this new 'Swans on the Lake' Batik which is currently FOR SALE in the Gallery for £250 (as yet unframed).

Depending on your choice of frame, it would cost around £100 extra for framing and back-lighting.  Let me know by email if you are interested in buying it.

Babbling Brook

This scene is in Arncliffe in Littondale where I have spent many happy times.  The beck, the Skirefare, tumbles down from the fells and through the village.

Standing Heron

One of the few birds who will stand still long enough to be photographed!  In this Batik I have played around with dyes to get the subtle colours of the reeds and grasses in which the heron is so well camouflaged.

Although this original Batik has long since been SOLD, I do still have the design in signed prints.  If you would like to buy one, click here for prices and then email your order to me.


This was just a quick little dashed off sketch but I was so pleased with the result I didn't really want to part with it - so I gave it to my sister!

Viaduct Lampshades


The old viaduct, not unlike the famous Ribblehead, goes right around this lampshade with the sheep grazing below.

This original handmade Batik lampshade (7" tall x 10"diameter) is SOLD but if you would like to commission one like it, just email me and I can give you a quote.


This is 'Whalley Arches' which is the longest brick viaduct in Lancashire and was the view from a window in my house when I lived there.

This original handmade Batik lampshade (8" tall x 12"diameter) and is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £295 (shade only).

Let me know by email if you would like to buy it and I can quote for posting it to you.


A very simple three colour design, this little flower study is framed (14"x12"inc frame) and displayed on its own custom made light-box.  'Narcissus' (33cm x 38cm inc frame)  is FOR SALE in my Gallery for £125.

If you would like to buy it, email me.

Riverside in Autumn

This is the Autumn partner to my Riverside in Spring lampshade.  The view is of the River Ribble at Sawley in Lancashire near where I used to live.  The building in the trees to the right of the bridge is The Spread Eagle which I gather is now a rather classsy restaurant/pub.

This original handmade Batik lampshade (10" tall x 10"diameter) is SOLD but if you would like to commission one of these lampshades, either in the spring colours or autumn, email me.  Price £195

Sheep with Barn

There are some fabulous old barns still surviving in the north of England.  This two storey one in the Lake District is a real cracker!  They are so solidly built and beautifully proportioned and this one bears the weight of a stone slab roof.

The original Batik is SOLD but I could make you something similar.  Email me if you would like to discuss a commission.

Lock-keeper's Garden

This beautiful garden is at Wardle Lock at Middlewich.  We spent a lovely afternoon here once when our boat broke down.  I lay in the sun while it was fixed!

The original Batik is framed (30"x24"inc frame) with it's own light-box and is FOR SALE in my Gallery for £395.

You can also get the Lock-keeper's Garden image on 6x4 cards, prints, and gift tags click here for prices and product details and then email your order to me.


One of my favourite flowers!  I love the contrast between the delicacy of the veins on their petals and the strength of the structure of the flower heads.

The Batik original is SOLD but I can supply this Irises design in paperweights, click here for prices and product details and then email your order direct to me.

Great Tit

This small original Batik 'Great Tit', framed (13"x11"inc frame) is now SOLD but if you would like to commission me to make you a similar one, just email me and we can discuss it.

Sheep & Rams Lampshade

This handmade original Batik lampshade 'Sheep and Rams' (7" tall x 10"diameter) was made for a child's nursery as a Christening present.  If you would like to commission one like it, email me.  Prices from £125


This delicate flower Batik was done on fine high-threadcount Egyptian cotton which gives me both the detail and the crisp crackle background.

The original Batik painting is SOLD but if you would like to commission one like this one, or any other flower design, email me for a quote.

Lakeland Sailing

These are vintage sailing boats on Windermere.  I was commissioned to make paperweights by the Windermere Royal Yacht Club to give as prizes and this is the painting the paperweights were made from.

The original Batik is SOLD but you can still buy prints, gift tags and paperweights of this popular 'Lakeland Sailing' design, click here for prices and product details and then email your order to me


These flowers seed themselves all over my garden and I love them.  The crackle background gives such a sense of movement, you can almost imagine the flower heads nodding in the breeze.

This original Batik 'Aquilegia' framed (32cm x 32cm inc. frame) is now SOLD but if you would like to commission me to make you a similar one, just email me and we can discuss it.

Dove of Peace

This original Batik 'Dove of Peace' , was a design made for my Christmas card range.  The original Batik (12"x10') is FOR SALE (unframed) for £75

I still have a few 'Dove of Peace'  6x4 cards left in stock, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

This hand made 'Dove of Peace' lampshade is SOLD but if you would like to commission one, email me and we can discuss sizes, prices etc.


I am constantly asked for flower lampshades and this is a very simple design both in colours and waxing.  In Batik each colour is put on top of the one before so in order to get the green for the leaves, I had to put on a bright blue dye on top of the yellow.

This one, (8" tall x 8"diameter) is SOLD but if you would like to commission one like it just send me an email.  Prices from £95

Beacon Fell with Cows

This very early work was done when I lived in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire.  Everyone thinks Lancashire is dark satanic mills and industrial towns but the Ribble Valley is an undiscovered gem which you pass by on the way to the Lakes.

My dear friend, who was key to my first getting going commercially with my work, has this original Batik framed in her sitting room.  I still sell cards and paperweights in her lovely shop, Crab Apple Crafts in Whalley where I used to live.

Apple Blossom

In this small flower study I have heavily cracked the wax of the background to create the wonderful texture that only Batik can do.  When people ask me 'Why Batik?  Why not just paint ordinary pictures?'  Well, this is why.  The Batik process gives me so much that I could never get in any other way - we work together Batik and I.  I think if I ever tried watercolour or acrylics they would certainly turn out to be 'ordinary pictures'!

This original Batik 'Apple Blossom' is as yet unframed  and FOR SALE in my Gallery for £45.  Once framed, it would need a light-box made for it to display it at its best, which would add another £30.  If you are interested in buying it, email me and we can discuss framing.

Parlour Palm

When creating a Batik, you always start with the waxing of the lightest colour, which in this case was the cream background.  Imagine going in and out of all those leaves - it took me ages!

Colour-wise it was simple, two greens and black but the waxing was certainly a challenge, especially as the same design continues all around the lampshade!

This hand made Batik lampshade 'Parlour Palm' (10" tall x 10"diameter)  SOLD in the Gallery for  £195

Moorland Farm

In this sheep scene set in the Lake District I have had great fun with the building of the walls, one blob of wax at a time!  Another fascination of mine is, what are the actual colours of those greyish distant hills?  Here, I have gone for pinky greys through greeenish grey to brownish grey.  The variations of grey are endless!  My daughter when young was once asked what her mother does.  "She paints things behind other things" she said and she was exactly right!  I always use the foreground (here, the sheep) to lead to the mid ground (the farm buildings) through to the hills and distant hills.  Your eye is drawn to the far distance and automatically brings everything else in front into perspective.

This large original Batik is SOLD  but the design is still available to buy in gift tags,  click here for prices and product description and then email  your order to me.


In this 'Blackberries' lampshade I have used the Batik crackle effect in the background to give the delicate marbled texture, letting various colours to seep into the cracks in the wax.  This gives the finished work a lively feel.

This original hand made Batik lampshade  'Blackberries(8" tall x 8"diameter) is SOLD but if you would like to commission one like it, email me.  Prices from £95

Lambing Time

'Lambing Time' has always been a favourite title in my greetings card range.  It is a typical 'Buffy Robinson' scene with drystone walls, old barns and rolling northern hills.  This view is of Beacon Fell in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire where I used to live.

The original Batik was sold long ago but I have the design on signed prints, gift tags and paperweights.  If you would like to buy any, click here for product info and prices, and then email me with your order.

Christmas Eve

Another of my Christmas card designs, this cat can't resist playing with the paperchains decorating the bed.  The stocking is fully laden as the child sleeps soundly.

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik 'Christmas Eve' (36mm x 25mm inc frame) which featured in the 1992 Calendar and Diary for Marks & Spencer, SOLD in the Summer Exhibition in the Gallery for £250


Yes I know, a rather strange subject for a lampshade but I love the shapes of the different types of fungi.

This lampshade  'Mushrooms' (7" tall x 10"diameter) was made to commission and is SOLD but you can commission one yourself if you want to.  Just send me an email and we can discuss it.  Prices for this design start from £150 and I can also do it in larger sizes.

Heron in the Reeds

I live beside the beautiful Langollen Canal in Shropshire which, being a contour canal is often like a meandering river as it makes its way up to Langollen.  It is fed by water coming from the River Dee at the Horseshoe Falls so it also has a flow like a river.  Herons are often to be seen just as this one is, fishing amongst the bullrushes at the edge of the water.

I have cracked the wax, both in the water and the sky, to let subsequent colours in to give the marbled texture.

The Batik original 'Heron in the Reeds' is SOLD but I still have some paperweights of this design, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

One Man and his Dog

This has always been a popular lampshade design.  The drystone wall, broken in places, goes around the shade with the sheep getting up to all sorts.  The two border collies have got their work cut out!

I have a hand made Batik original 'One Man and his Dog' lampshade (8" tall x 12"diameter) FOR SALE in the Gallery for  £225  Email me if you are interested in buying it.  I can post it to you if you would like - just ask for a quote for P&P.

Christmas Cat

This was a design for a Christmas card many years ago.

Cat in the Daisies

I am often asked to make lampshades based on an existing designs.  This one, made for a cat lover, shows a contented grey and white cat lying in the grass amongst the daisies.  It was originally a design I did for my best selling 'Cat Collection' of greetings cards and adapted for the lampshade.

If you would like to commission a hand made Batik lampshade 'Cat in the Daisies' made specially for you, send me an email and I can let you know how much it would cost and how long it would take to make.  Prices for this design start at £125.